As a distributor of fuel additives in the past, we quickly found that pouring small measured amounts out of a plastic bottle into a fuel tank was near impossible to do without getting the stuff all over your hands. We used boxes, plastic bags and rags to clean up and keep the smell out of the vehicle. We discovered many other products that had the same problem and so and so we developed the EZYPOR to overcome the issues people have with pouring odourous chemicals.

They are made in NZ, made from strong, very high quality plastics that have been tested with many fuel additives and household chemicals, and are re-usable, rather than cheap throw away items that will swell, leak all over the place or crack.

There are plenty of bottles around that can measure, but they usually cannot pour into a fuel tank or small openings and are typically in- accurate and will drip down the side of the bottle when re-inverted, causing residue on your hands and resulting chemical odours and will typically drip down the side of the bottle when re-inverted.

The EZYPOR helps everyone by making products easier and safer to use.