A: Use the PDF of the THREAD GUAGE CHART. You will need a pair of scissors and one piece of A4 in your printer. As an example, the standard EZYPOR comes with a 28mm thread. It is a very common size in NZ, so if the bottle you have accepts a standard soft-drink bottle cap, it’s a 28. (The bottle size is measured across the outside of the bottle thread.) If your bottle is not a 22, 24 or 28mm thread, you could transfer your liquid into another bottle, perhaps a washed-out detergent bottle, or you can get a 28mm squeeze bottle from most plastics retailers, or even the supermarket for a very small price. For distributors, we recommend supplying a sample for testing prior to ordering.

A: Fuel additives, many domestic chemicals like Methylated Spirits, Turpentine, Kerosene, Brake fluid, alcohol, cooking oils, garden sprays and herbicides, due to the unknown end use it is recommended to ask us or test the product first.

A: YES, and we can custom make them to suit a certain product. We can make them without the valve or spout to suit, they are safely washable in hot water up to 80deg C..It becomes it’s own vessel so won’t require washing between uses.

A: No, the bottle must be squeezable. You can transfer liquids into a suitable plastic bottle if required.

A: Yes, however you may require the thick liquid version which has the inner valve removed. Thick liquids also tend to take longer to pour out.

A: The EZYPOR is made of food grade materials and assembled in a clean environment.

However like any measuring cup it is advisable to wash prior to use for ingestion.

A: YES, great for drizzling cooking oil, or just dispensing small amounts of chemicals at a time, we use it for dispensing spirits for cleaning, saves time and waste.