Welcome to EZYPOROriginally developed for fuel additives

The EZYPOR turns a squeezable plastic bottle into a measuring dispenser by simply screwing it on top of the bottle. 3 sizes are available to suit many common sizes. The EZYPOR is RE-USABLE, which means it is not throw-away once the product is finished. Simply screw it onto your next bottle.

Main features include:

  • The POP-UP Spout which catches drips and pours into long narrow openings
  • Sufficient gradient marking in ‘ml’ and ‘oz’ up to 20ml each time
  • Choose from 3 thread sizes commonly used for plastic bottles, 22mm, 24mm, and 28mm (All 4mm pitch)
  • Child-proof
  • Chemical-resistant in most applications
  • Clean and fast repeatable dispensing action
  • Optional colour arrangements and configurations (subject to min quantity)
Thread Check Chart

Our Product

As a distributor of fuel additives in the past, we quickly found that pouring small measured amounts out of a plastic bottle into a fuel tank was near impossible to do without getting the stuff all over your hands.

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How it Works

1- Screw the EZYPOR onto the bottle (easy install). Remove the top child-proof cap. The extension nozzle pops up to enable easy pouring into small openings.

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